The Next Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence transformation to improve businesses, economies, lives and the planet.

AI Growth Strategy & Planning

Do you know where you want to be with AI?

AI & Data Process Designs

Have you done your requirement analysis for AI?

Training &

Capacity Building

Have you got the skills required to implement AI?

Developing New Skills for AI


  • Growth Strategies with AI
  • AI Integration and Requirements
  • SafeAI for All
  • Machine (Deep) Learning and Applications
  • Data Analytics for AI
  • Public Sector Needs for AI

SafeAI for All

Man-Machine Convergence

What kind of a society we will be at the time of trans-intelligence?

Explainable AI

How AI systems make decisions for us and for themselves?

Serving & Saving The Planet

Will AI work for and with all lives on the planet?

Who has been there?

Over fifteen years of strategic experiences working with governments, telecoms, international NGOs, NPOs and universities to have mobile technologies and artificial intelligence to improve business processes and lives of the citizens.