TheNextMinds is an international virtual consultancy company providing advisory services on AI integration and AI’s future impact on organisations, the economy and the society.  Major activities include strategy and policy making, AI integration and application development, and certified training services in AI for various levels of management of public or private sector organizations.

 The TheNextMinds builds upon the knowledge and experience accumulated at the  Mobile Government Consortium Int. (mGCI), a pioneering and leading organisation in the field of mobile government. mGCI has been leading the international practice, with more than 500 expert members, for many years via various consultancy projects and international conferences. mGCI has helped a number of governments and organisations to intelligently use mobile technologies, IOT, data analytics in their operations.

TheNextMinds aspires to be very instrumental in shaping the future of AI to better serve humanity while working with governments, industry, NGOs and NPOs. If you share this passion please let us know about your area of expertise and see if fits the opportunities at TheNextMinds.