TheNextMinds designs a new training program with its commitment to “AI for Social Impact”:

AI implications for Freedom of Expression, and Media and Information Literacy

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Please fill in the contact form and mention “FoE & MIL”

What will you learn? 

  • Comprehensive  non- technical coverage of AI basics, concepts, key techniques and the domains of AI
  • The nature of Positive and negative disruption of  AI in MIL and FoE.
  • Practical Use cases of AI in MIL and FoE through various use cases
  • Skills to convert knowledge of AI tools and techniques to better understand and use in the contexts of MIL and FoE
  • The future impact of AI on businesses, economies, governments and society.

AI Training for Business in Faralya, Turkey

Trainees Receive Their Certificates after 3 Days of Intensive Work

TheNextMinds contributes to UNESCO’s MIL meeting in Belgrade

AI Training for Executives in the UK

AI Seminars in Turkish Universities

AI Training for Executives in Dubai

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