Haven’t you got a practical AI vision for your business, or individual career, yet? 

This non-technical course aims at supporting you to gain strong knowledge of AI that you can easily incorporate in your role as a manager or that supports your career goals in AI whether you are in government or industry.

It is  developed based on years of experience gained from practical projects with various organisations, and the content is refined according to the typical issues managers face when new technologies are influencing their decisions and relavant tasks they do.

What will you learn?

You will master AI without any complicated maths or software.

  • Comprehensive coverage of AI basics, concepts, key techniques and the fields of AI,

  • AI applications in business and government relating to your own job or business operations,

  • AI‘s cutting edge technologies, and their integration to your business

  • The future impact of AI on businesses, economies, governments and the society.

The whole program covers all topics you need to know about AI for your role as a decision maker or to support your career goals.

Prior knowledge?

There are four module options in this training program from basics to advanced AI and its application areas. 

  • MODULE I. Foundation of Artificial Intelligence (One Day)
  • MODULE II. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (Two Days)
  • MODULE III. Applications and Use Cases (One Day)
  • MODULE IV. Frontiers and Future of the AI (One Day)
You may decide to attend any module or all.
No prior knowledge of AI is required.

Who is it for?

This course is for you if you are leading a group, a department or a whole organisation in government, NGOs or industry; and curious about how you can stay ahead with the new developments in AI.

  • All decision makers aiming to integrate AI in their organisations and
  • Individuals who wish to strengthen their career with AI

are specially welcome.

The Venue Options: TheNextMinds team can deliver a customised training for your business @whereever your offices are or TheNextMinds Offices in the United Kingdom or Offices in Turkey.

TheNextMinds UK offices are in the vibrant city of Brighton. While mastering your AI knowledge you will be enjoying all that this alternative city has to offer, with its beautiful seaside. Please visit this site for more about Brighton.

TheNextMinds Turkey offices are in the midst of nature in Faralya – Fethiye surrounded by forests. This is a great chance to get closer to almost untouched nature while having all mod cons. Please visit the training venue: Mandarin & Mango Boutique Hotels and   visit this site for more about Faralya.