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Natural and Artificial Intelligence

This video introduces natural plant, animal and human intelligence and relates these to the study and practice of artificial intelligence via various forms of intelligence that we see in the nature and in the machines.

Artificial Intelligence and

Industry 4.0

This video briefly introduce industrial revolutions and then focusses on how AI is creating new industrial revolution with intelligent automation, big data and connectivity. It ends with discussing applications of industry4.0, its pros and cons.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

This video contains foundational issues of ethical considerations and goes into discussing the scope and main debates of ethics and AI. It ends with examples of unethical ways of using AI systems.

TheNextMinds announces a report on how AI helps with fighting pandemics: Covid-19

TheNextMinds advises universities for AI degree programs. Download the Discussion paper

a Non-Technical AI Training for Business – promotional video

TheNextMinds’ view on the impact of AI on future of the Jobs

Mindful Governments: AI and Digital Government

Conference Promotion video


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